Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekly Goal Results 1-17-11

1. Walk 20-30 minutes 3x this week - I am almost there...but not quite:-( Will keep working towards this goal!
2. Yoga at least 3x this week - Same with this one...almost there...but not quite!
3. Portion control - I was really good at home and during the week...but not so much this weekend...I need to pay attention to my portion control at all times!
4. LOTS OF WATER - YES!! Lots...every day!
5. Finish the kids playroom - Just couldn't quite find the extra time...will plan to finish next week.
6. No eating out! - Only for GNO...which was planned....but we didn't all week...I made dinner every night.
7. Work with Thomas on school work and staying organized - Yes...he is getting there...but he is 14...ugh!
8. FINISH pictures of Silke and Brittany - Finally finished Silke's pics...will finish Brittany's this week!
9. Work on prayer box - No...but I added quite a few prayers to it this week:-)
10. Get plenty of sleep and work on getting up earlier during the week:-)- Yes! I felt great this week!!!

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