Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 9/6

1.Exercise 4 times this week - Getting better...but didn't make 4 this week....

2. Portion Control - Doing really well here....go me!

3. Hang up all stuff in Tmans room - Yes! joel got everything hung up for looks great!

4. Keep up with laundry - YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I am getting better at this too....I hate laundry:-(

5. Try some new "healthy" recipes - Nothing new this week....really focusing on protion control...and healthier options.

6. Finish address list for mail out - Done...going to get it ready for mailing this week!

7. Go to bed earlier and get up earlier - YES!

8. Work on the "margins" in your life! - Struggling here....trying to find the time!

9. Vitamins!! - Dang it:-(

10. Make time to read more....and watch less TV - Didn't watch much TV at all this week. The TV wasn't even on in our house Sunday except for the the Cowboys game!

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