Monday, June 28, 2010

My Goal Results week of 6/21/10

1. NO Smoking! - I am on day 7!!! - Still NOT smoking!!! I don't want to mess myself up....but it seems easier this time...maybe because I have tried to quit a gazillion times already!

2. Finish Thomas's bedroom and camp project:-) - Working on it!

3. Yoga 4 times this week:-) - I only made it three times last week....shame on me!

4. Drink LOTS of water...NO sodas - No sodas here!!

5. Portion control - Yes, like I have said before yoga really helps me in this area....I eat less

6. Gather and edit reception photos - Working on them!

7. Start organizing and planning for our family vacation trip:-) - I have started planning what we will do while we are there:-) It's going to be a blast!!

8. Get bills organized - done!

9. Clip coupons - Done!

10. Walk to dogs at LEAST 4-5 times this week:-)- We didn't last week...but we are on track to do it this week.

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