Friday, June 18, 2010

Day 5 today is day 5 of wearing the patch...AGAIN! If you can't tell...I really do want to quit just keeps coming back to haunt me:-( I also started Yoga this week!

So far so good. I wear the patch every day and haven't even wanted a cigarette thus far. I was a little bitchy last night though...sorry honey:-( The Yoga has been wonderful! I was really scared at first because of my back surgery. I thought you had to be really flexible to do Yoga. That's NOT the case. I am taking hot Yoga. The room is around 98 degrees with high humidity. Sounds horrible right? Actually it's wonderful! The heat allows your muscles to stretch better...and I must admit that sweating that much feels soooo good! I never thought I would say I like the heat that much...but I do when it comes to Yoga. After the first night my back was pretty I took a night off and then went back the next day. Every day my back feels better and better. It's been almost a year since my surgery and I have lost ALL of the flexibility in my lower back and the back of my legs because I didn't use them for so long. I was afraid I wouldn't get it back...but I can see the light! It's going to happen:-)

My plan is to replace my smoking habit with a new better habit...YOGA! So far so good. Those of you who pray...please pray that I will be able to NEVER smoke again!!! Not only is it a nasty habit that stinks....and will kill's also really bad for my back...and if I don't quit I could seriously be crippled by the time I am 50. You would think that would make "not smoking" easy right? Yeah...not so much! I am hanging in there though! Life is good:-)

I will keep you updated on my progress:-)

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