Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 6-7-10

Considering I have so much going on with the new house I was actually able to meet most of my goals last week:-)

1. NO SMOKING! - Smoked last week:-(
2. Exercise at least 4 times this week - Not quite 4 times...but I am getting there:-)
3. Portion Control - YES!!!
4. Drink LOTS of water (NO sodas or drinks with sugar) - I had one soda last week....that's not bad!
5. Get office organized - Almost! I plan to finish it this week:-)
6. Work on Thomas's room - Haven't started on it yet...maybe this week?
7. Quit PICKING YOUR FINGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Getting better....such a horrible habit!
8. Make plans to have dinner with Mama and Britney:-) - Made plans....but had to reschedule...we will get together soon:-)
9. Make lunches every night this week for me and Joel to take to work:-) - Yes!
10. Mail Thank You cards:-) - Yes!!!

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