Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am one proud Mama!

I received this email today from Thomas's camp. I am so proud. Thomas is growing into such a wonderful young man:-) He got ALL of his good qualities from me of course:-0


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Patterson,

The session has started and so has Thomas's summer as a Black Eagle Sub-Chief. Last night he was officially inducted onto the Permanent Sub-Chief Council in a late night, hill top ceremony.

The Sub-Chiefs are the top level in the Black Eagle program. They serve as the leaders among their fellow Black Eagles. The main goal for this rank is to teach and show ways that the older boys can be leaders at camp, at home and at school. This is their summer to practice the principles of leadership.

The permanent Sub-Chief Council consists of those boys coming into the summer as sub-chiefs in cabin Hilton. They go through a special training ceremony the first Monday night that makes them members of the Permanent Sub Chief Council. This puts them in an immediate position of leadership in the organization. They are charged with leading the organization well, upholding the traditions of the Black Eagles and to best exemplify the characteristics that embody the Black Eagles. They have many chances to work with the younger Black Eagles and main campers.

It's a great honor and sets the foundation for an superior final year in main camp. Congratulations!

Life is Good. Camp is better. Leadership is where it's at.


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