Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mama's Pizza (review)

So....I had heard from quite a few people that Mama's Pizza was the place to get good Pizza in Mansfield. We took all of the kids there for dinner on Sat night as a little "going away" dinner for Thomas since he was leaving for camp the next morning. Let me start by saying I LOVE pizza and know what good pizza is:-) Good ingredients is the key to good pizza...especially really good (not cheap) cheese.

We ordered salads for everyone and a x-large pizza called the "Mama's" pizza...this thing was GINORMOUS!! We had half meat lovers (for Joel, Brenden and Thomas) and the other half was pepperoni (for me and Haley).

First off the salads were so bad I couldn't even eat them...I mean seriously....how do you mess up a salad?? Well let me tell you:-) If the lettuce is all brown and wilted....that MIGHT mean it's time for some fresh lettuce. I can't believe they even served the salads like that...YUCK! Also, there was nothing but lettuce and one cherry tomato on the salad...geez:-(

Then the pizza arrived and it was HUGE...and smelled REALLY good!!!! Joel and I took the first bite and both agreed that it was NOT the best pizza around...at all. It wasn't horrible...but I have had MUCH better. The pizza sauce was very bland...the toppings (cheap) and the cheese was bland as well. The kids liked it ok....but they are kids...pizza is pizza to them. Heck, they love those .99 Totinos Pizza's LOL!

We had dinner a while back at Bertinelli's (spelling?) and the Italian food wasn't good but their pizza was LOTS better then Mama's. We will start going there for pizza now...and it's right up the street from our house. They use really good ingredients...which in my opeinio makes or breaks the pizza!

So, there you have it! If you live in Mansfield and haven't tried the pizza at Bertinelli's....give it a try....I think it's WAY better then Mama's.

Mama's = Bland Pizza with NO flavor:-(

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