Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly Goals Week of 5/17/10

OMG! I am seriously NOT going to be living in this house is just two weeks...crazy stuff! I am so excited but really nervous at the same time. Will it feel like home? Will the kids, Joel and my dogs like the new place. Will we meet nice neighbors? Will something BIG go wrong right after we move in? UGH! So many thoughts going through my head with what if's. I am sure everything will be fine....but I can't stop thinking about it! We go this Friday for our final walk through. I am looking forward to that! It's hard to believe how much our life will change in just days. Thomas is going to start a new school next year too. I am really looking forward to that change. Thomas needs a new school. The school he is at now is way too small and he doesn't get the "real school" experience. So, the move will be a good one!

My goals this week are VERY simple.

"Stay focused on regular day to day stuff...and don't stress too much over this whole house thing! Be excited!!!! It's going to be great:-) "

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