Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Family Time!

My family has decided that we don't get together enough...so we are doing monthly cookouts at each of our homes. This month the cookout was at my sister Britney's house. Her and her husband just bought a new home so we all went there to eat...hang out...and of course check out her new place! It's beautiful!!! We had such a great time too. We grilled out pizzas...YUMMY! Not sure if you have ever done this...but it's SOOO easy and really good! It's going to become a regular meal in my house. The kids loved it too because they can make whatever kind of pizza they want....that was great for the picky eaters:-) Next month we are going to the cookout at our new house! I can't wait. It gives us a reason to all hang out and enjoy each others company. Before it seemed like we were only getting together for birthdays, weddings etc. Now, once a month we get together just to hang out. We ended up playing old school Mario Brothers at Britney's house. Who knew that game would still be as fun as it was 20 year ago! DANG! I just said 20 years ago...and I am not over doing it....it was really 20 years ago. I am getting OLD:-( Here are a few pictures from the cookout at Britney and Joe's new place!!! LOVE YOU ALL!!!! Can't wait to get together again!

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