Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 5/10/10

1. Start cleaning out the closets...and getting garage sale items ready to sell! - I just started working on that tonight:-)

2. Drink LOTS of water:-) - I am a water drinking fool! No sodas for me:-)

3. Exercise 3-4 times - Slackin' :-( I will get back on track once I get moved and settled in!

4. Portion Control - Yes, working really hard in this area since I am not working out.

5. Get caught up on all of the laundry:-( I really HATE doing laundry...I am still not caught up...You would think I have 15 kids or something!

6. Help Thomas stay focused for these last few weeks of school Yep! He is doing well!

7. Start getting Thomas's camp stuff ready for Summer Camp - Going to start getting him ready this week...Can't believe he goes off to camp in just a few weeks!

8. Stay on budget for moving.... - Not so much this weekend:-(///but we are back on track now!

9. Finish editing pictures - DONE!

10. Take a night off to enjoy yourself...and to do NOTHING!! No mean NOTHING! - Well, I can't say I really got a day of doing nothing....but I did have a few nights that I didn't have as much going on as I usually do and was able to relax a little!

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