Monday, May 31, 2010

A new start!!!

Joel and I moved into the house of our dreams this weekend! It's been a long weekend...but a good one. There is SOOOO much to do when moving...ugh! I wish I could just blink and everything would be in its place....but it doesn't work like that:-( It's not too bad though. Those of you who know me...know that I had my kitchen together first! I LOVE my new really is my dream kitchen. Our home will be perfect for entertaining with the open floor plan and the swimming pool! We love nothing more then to have family and friends over to cookout!! It doesn't get much better then that:-)

There are some down sides to moving as well. Change is not easy for me. I haven't moved around a lot in my it's an adjustment for sure. The first few nights I felt like I was staying at someone else's house. But...this morning I got up and made breakfast and it started to feel a little more like home. Our bedroom furniture is on back order and we will not get it until Sat...that sucks...we can't get our bedroom set up until then so it really doesn't feel like our own room will soon:-)

Saturday we moved everything in the house with the help of friends and family. After everything was in the house we fired up our new (awesome) gas grill and grilled our hot dogs...ate chips and dip and took a nice, well deserved dip in the pool! We had a great time and hope our friends did as well.

Sunday We worked all day on the house and got the bathrooms, kitchen and most of the bedrooms in order...enough to use anyways:-) Haley and Brenden were able to come over Sunday evening to spend the night with us...they were so excited to see their new bedrooms. They didn't have their own rooms at our old house so they were pumped! We cooked out "again" and had dinner outside on our patio. Then we swam for a little while and were even able to watch a little tv while we were outside. The previous owners of the home left their tv outside and we had the cable guy hook it up while he was here...How cool is that? I don't know the last time...if ever...I was able to chill in the pool and watch tv:-) The kids thought it was pretty cool too!

Today we worked on the house more...of course....and it's really starting to come together. It's weird how you find different ways to use things you had in your old house. There are some decorations that I didn't really care for in our old house but they look awesome in our new house. I plan to post pictures soon...but want to get the house just the way I like it before I post or I might have to re-post over and over again until I get the house just the way we want it. Oh, and today we installed the curved shower rods in Thomas's bathroom. He had to screw into the tile in the shower and I was SOOO afraid it was going to break the tile. The directions said very clearly...if you are going to drill into the tile and not drywall please consult a professional. Now...Joel is good at a lot and is a wonderful handyman....but if he breaks the tile that is not going to be cheap to fix....needless to say he did a GREAT job and the tile didn't break YAY! I love my husband...her really does ROCK! He also was able to mount our tv up on the wall above the looks GREAT! If that thing was the fall that would have been bad news...but he did it!!!!

Thomas is taking the move pretty good. He was having a hard time with it today but I assured him time will make the move better. He will start a new school next year and is really looking forward to it. He did a shadow day a few weeks ago and made quite a few friends while he was there so he will already have friends at his new school when he starts. He is leaving for camp this Sunday and asked if he could have some friends over for a pool party before he goes to camp. I think it's a great idea. I think it will be good to start new memories at his new house before he leaves for camp for a MONTH. Gosh, this is his 7th year at camp and he LOVES it. I am SO glad that he gets to go every year but sure do miss him while he is gone:-(

Tomorrow I have to go back to work...I am actually looking forward to the routine of work. That is the only thing that isn't changing in my life right it will be good to be there:-) Not sure that I am looking forward to my new drive though. It will probably take me close to an hour to get to work. In our old house it took me all of 7 minutes....I will get use to it though and I know it will be WELL WORTH THE DRIVE to come home to the house of my dreams:-)

Well, that's my weekend in a nutshell. I will post more soon with pictures:-) Have a great week everyone!!!!

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