Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I miss him:-)

Gosh, I can't wuit thinking about my sweet boy Singer. I miss him so much...and wish so badly that I didn't have to get rid of him. It breaks my heart:-( I know that he is probably happy as can be and doesn't miss me at all....but still!

I decided to write the owners a letter....hopefully they will get it and will keep in touch with me to let me know how he is doing:-) That would be awesome! Here is the letter...



My name is Kenzey Patterson. I am “Singer’s” (the great dane) previous owner. I was told that the daughter of the owners of this store has him. If I am correct…please give this letter to her. If not…sorry:-(

I just want you to know that I am very happy that Singer has a good home. He is my angel…and I would have done just about anything to be able to keep him. I am so grateful that he went somewhere that seems to be a great fit!!

Here is a little background on him….just thought you might want to know.

He LOVES to sleep in bed with you
He has NEVER slept one night outside…and is an inside dog from birth.
He loves to play with tennis balls and catch them
He needs work on a leash (you probably already know this) but is very smart and trainableJ
He loves all other dogs
Loves kids (but will knock them over lol)
He can sing! It’s hilarious! Tell him “sing Singer…sing to me Singer” and he might. He know’s what to do…but doesn’t always want to.
More then anything he just likes to be loved.

I have lots of pictures of him on my facebook if you want to see him as a baby…he was SO CUTE! There are even some videos too. The other dane is Bella. She is a sweetheart and luckily we were able to keep her. She does well in an apartment…..Singer on the other hand would not….too wild for that small of a space.

I would LOVE it if you would stay in touch with me to let me know how his is doingJ Of course you don’t have to…I know he is a dog…but he was like a child to me. Here is my address if you ever want to send me some picsJ That would make my day!!!

Thank you for taking him…and loving him. He really is the coolest dog ever! If anything ever happens and you need to get rid of him….please let me know. I will see what I can do to help you find a good homeJ I would like to stay in touch with his whereabouts if at all possible.

I also put a book in here for you. I am not sure if you read or not…but this is where I got his nameJ Enjoy!

If you ever have any questions or anything please feel free to call me. Again thank you for taking care of him…and giving him a good home. It means more to me then you know:-)

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