Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Free Sample - Alternavites

So...I got a free sample of these Alternavites...and thought I would try it out. I am not sure about you...but my multivitamin makes me gag it's so if I could take something like this and it tasted good...I would do it. You? This is what I think of them:-)

The Good: They taste good....and you don't have to swallow a pill.

The Bad: There is way too much to put in your mouth at will end up blowing powder out your nose! LOL. I took it over 10 minutes ago and I still taste doesn't taste bad...but it lingers in your mouth for a while.

Bottom line: If you CAN'T swallow pills at all then this would be perfect....they aren't that bad....but I will stick to the pill form. It's quicker and doesn't leave an aftertaste in my mouth:-)

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