Friday, June 24, 2011

Day 24 of 30 Day Challenge

Today was another pretty good day! I didn't work out...but will be going tomorrow morning!!

Breakfast: 2 eggs and 1 piece of toast
Snack: none
Lunch: Fuzzy Tacos - 2 soft corn tacos (1 veggie and one pork) with black beans and rice
snack: 1 bit of a brownie, 1 cheese tortilla, 1 FPS Drink (healthy energy drink)
Supper: Pork chop, rice, carrots and a salad

What Is FRS® Healthy Energy®?

FRS is a new kind of supplement for health and energy. Typical energy supplements and energy drinks rely on high doses of caffeine, Guarana, Taurine, and sugar to boost energy, and may add vitamins for health. FRS is different. At the core of the patented FRS formula is an antioxidant called Quercetin. Not only does Quercetin support the immune system like other antioxidants, but it’s clinically proven to boost energy. When taken regularly people report increased and sustained energy without the jitteriness of caffeine or other stimulants. Quercetin energy feels different than stimulant energy because Quercetin energy works in a completely different way.

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