Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brenden's first year at Camp La Junta

Wow! I can't believe Brenden went to Camp La Junta this year. I am so glad we decided to send him. It takes away from the time Joel has him in the summer...but it's worth it! He had a BLAST and wants to go back next year. Thomas has been going to this camp for 8 years and LOVES it! We knew Brenden would too!! What great memories Brenden will have for years to come from summer camp:-) It's priceless really. I wish I could have gone to summer camp when I was a kid!!!

Here are some pictures of before camp...during camp...and when we went to pick him up!!

Brenden's camp was for 2 weeks this year...and Thomas's camp is for 4 weeks. So when we went to get Brenden yesterday I got to see Thomas! Too cool! I have NEVER seen him during the 4 weeks at camp. It was AWESOME to see him!!!

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