Saturday, October 29, 2011

Worst Grocery Trip EVER!! start things out I went to Wal-Mart to do my grocery shopping today. I HATE wal-mart...and avoid it for the most can save money shopping there for I do every once in a while when I need to go all out shopping!

The trip itself was wasn't too busy...and they weren't out of anything I needed (which happens often).

On my way out I was walking through the parking lot. Let me inform you that I had a 40lb bag of dog food, a 20lb bag of dog food, a case of water, and a case of a FULL cart of needless to say my cart was really heavy...oh...and I had to bags of groceries on my arm because they wouldn't all fit in the cart. I am walking through the parking lot and realize that I am in the wrong row of cars...I start looking for a gap to cut through to get over to the other side where my car is. I find a gap...start going through and then cart hits a HUGE pot hole...and won't move forward's stuck:-( I push a few times and it's not going anywhere. I walk around the front of the cart to try and lift it out of the pot hole (mind you...there are people in the car RIGHT NEXT TO ME...and they don't even think to offer to help or anything...ugh...the nerve) I lift....and lift....and lift...and finally it comes out of the hole...RIGHT ON TOP OF MY LEFT BIG TOE...OOOOOUUUUCCCHHH!!!!!!!!!! That freaking hurt...I scream....and then proceed to pull the cart out of the hole. The people in the car next to me never even think of helping. There are really people out there like that. I am glad I am not one of them.

So now I think I am in the clear....heading to my car...I am good to go right?? Oh no...of course not. My wrist slips off the cart handle and the 2 bags of groceries I have fall into the middle of the parking lot and roll everywhere! Again...NO ONE EVEN LOOKS MY WAY as they walk by. UGH! I was so close to saying " thanks...I don't need any help...I am good" but whatever. So I manage to pick up everything...nothing was broken.

I make it to my car...load everything up...and headed home. Whew....

I must say that was the worst grocery shopping experience EVER!

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