Monday, October 3, 2011

Weekly Goal Results 9/26/11

1. Get up early - YES!
2. Take pills/eat well - Yes!
3. Nails/toes - Yes!
4. Scrap Page - No worked on a wreath instead
5. No eating out for lunch - Not once!
6. Get house ready for show by Wednesday!!! - Was sick...but it was ready by Friday! It's on the market now!! Fingers crossed:-)
7. Get Singer set up to get nipped:-) - No, MUST do this week!
8. Push Thomas to stay organized! - Yes, working with him!
9. Try new recipe! - Yes!
10. Workout as much as you can this week!!! Focus on eat well the most...but still try to work out too!!! - No working out other then scrubbing the crap out of my house...but I did eat well!

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