Thursday, October 20, 2011

Life Lessons 101

Wow...Joel and I could write a book of life't we all. The more we grow and mature in life the more we look back and wish we knew then what we know now:-)
As you all know...we are in the process of selling our home and moving to a new home that is more affordable for us. We found a new home...and are under contract to move in as soon as we sell our house! Well....change of plans! After much thought...Joel and i decided...that being able to enjoy life with our kids and each other means more to us then having a big home...and land. We have backed out of the contract and are now back at square one. We are planning on finding a cute little house in a cute little area that is very affordable and will allow us to have fun...take vacations...go out out to eat if we want....have a savings account again...etc...!
It's a big decision...and we lost some money when backing out of the contract...but KNOW that we are making the right decision. I am so excited!!!!! We are going to take our time looking at houses while we wait for ours to sell....and know that we will find the PERFECT house for us:-)
If we would have seen this over a year ago we would be in a whole different situation...but I guess you just have to live and learn right?? This will be yeat another thing that brings us together in our marriage...and in our family...and will only make us stronger:-)


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