Monday, August 22, 2011

High School - 8/22/11

Today was Thomas's first day of High School. I knew the day would come...but never knew how quickly...ugh! They grow up too fast.
Thomas has been in a small private school since 1st grade...then moved to another private school last year when we bought our home in Mansfield.
This year he REALLY wanted to go to a public school. He said he wanted to experience a "real" High School...that offered tons of stuff...and had lots of kids. His past schools had been tiny.
After doing some research on the Mansfield public schools I decided to let him go. It's a great school and has a lot to offer him.
He enrolled in Theater Arts, Journalism, Art...etc... That is what he loves to do! His past schools didn't offer these typed of electives...and not on this level even if they did offer it. The Theater Arts program at this school is HUGE! Thomas is really going to be able to grow his acting and writing skills! I am so excited for him. Oh, and for once he gets to pick what he wears to school!!!
This was a picture I took of him right before we walked out the door this morning. He looks AWESOME!!!!
When I picked him up this afternoon he was grinnin' from ear to ear. He LOVES it! He had a great day!!! I am sooooo happy:-)

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