Monday, August 22, 2011

Another year goes by - I am almost 32!

Wow! Seems like yesterday I was turning 18! Now...I am in my 30's. I wish I knew how quickly the time would have flown buy...I would have taken each day a little more seriously!

Now...I take too many pills - luckily all of these are vitamins..except one:-)

My mom got me this beautiful candle holder that I put in my house today...and I just LOVE IT! Thanks Mama! You have such great taste:-) This is also a few pics from Family dinner (my b-day dinner) at Moms!
This weekend my Dad is coming in town and him, and lots of my friends are going out for dinner! I am really looking forward to having everyone together. I haven't spent a b-day with my Dad in I can't tell you how long! Most of my friends haven't even met him. It will be a real treat!!

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