Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Son's talented:-)

beauty Knows no bounds

I wish I was shorter

I wish i was taller

I wish I was Larger

I wish I was smaller

the cries of our youth

the unbalance we dish out

creates a big soup

full of hate and doubt

So I ask all the girls

And I ask all the guys

to take one look and say

I like your eyes

Your hair looks nice

Your not fat

your not ugly

you dont need a spray tan

just take one step into the unknown

as you are

as the Lord God Almighty made you

and say I R who I R

I dont need to wear ten pounds of make up

I dont need to fry off my hair

if the guy doesnt like me for how i wake up

then surely, he just doesnt care

I can be beautiful in skinny jeans

I can be beautiful in In Seams

I can be beautiful!!!

So just please

Give me a chance

to show you my heart

without all the sand

and grime that makes it dark

A heart thats whole

And is beautiful to me

And to the soul

I hope you love me for who I set out to be.

The Epic of The Black Eagles

:: Black Eagle::

In silent agility we walk

Through the desert

through the Rock

Across the silent summer storm

into the darkness

cold or warm

We wave our colors


held high

into the Darkening

Summer sky

our neck worn crowns

guide us too

the everlasting

way thats true

Three tests it takes

to see whose true

of heart

of life

Black eagles anew

Once past this worrisome phase

an era of light

the moonbeam rays

the smell of summer

and dark burnt skies

bring us closer together

as brothers

as guys

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