Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day 22 - 30 of 30 Day Challenge (Round 2)

Well, this month wasn't that great for me. The good thing is I didn't gain a lot of weight...but I didn't lose any either. I did ok with my eating and portion control. My biggest struggle is exercising. I am going to try the 30 challenge again and see how I do:-) I won't give up! I need to get my butt back to yoga. I have been so busy lately...I's on an excuse...but it does make it harder. I just have to DO IT!!!

I started this 30 days at 156...and ended it at 159. I am still less then the 160 I started out with on the first 30 day challenge...but am disappointed that I haven't had more progress:-(

Let's see what next month brings. Summer is right around the would think that would push me to get my butt in gear right???

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