Monday, November 1, 2010

Weekly Goals 11/1/10

My goals are pretty much the same every week....and the regular goals are there even if I don't post them. What I post is what I feel I am having a hard time with...and even if they sound so simple and normal to most of you...I just can't seem to get them down! Mostly because I don't like things like...laundry....working out....eating good...etc... Do any of us? I was talking to my husband the other day and I told him that I am starting to get angry with myself because I can't get my butt back into shape. I am totally being lazy....and week after week....I have to write on my goal results that I DIDN'T work out like I wanted to! I feel like I did the same thing with smoking. I tried to quit over and over again....finally I got pissed that I couldn't do it and I tried again and have been successful so far...over 6 months now SMOKE FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So...I was telling Joel I feel like I am at that point with the whole health thing. I am starting to get mad that I am not doing what I am setting out to do! I know that I can do's really not that hard...and I know that I want to do this...and I will feel better...look a better example to my longer....etc.. I could go on and on with reasons I need to make this change in my life. Does this mean that I can never eat bad again?/ NO....but it does mean that I will make a big enough adjustment to see better results. I haven't gained any weight I am maintaining...but that is NOT what I want. I want to lose some weight...and be in better shape! So, with that being said I am only going to set myself a few goals this week...and they will all have to do with health:-)

1. Workout 3-4 times this week

2. No eating out!

3. Portion control and eating healthy snacks

4. LOTS of soda!

5. At least 8 hours of sleep each night

6. Eat breakfast!

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