Monday, November 29, 2010


Last Tuesday I was on my way home from work and decided to stop at McDonald's before going home to pack for our trip to Tennessee. Yes, I ate McDonald's...and decided that I would eat whatever I wanted the whole week of Thanksgiving:-) When I pulled into the drive-through I noticed a woman pull up behind me in an old beat up mini van with 3 or 4 kids inside. She looked stressed like maybe that day wasn't a great day for her. I decided to do something nice and hope that it would make at least one part of her day better...and it was almost Thanksgiving! When I pulled through to pay for my food I asked the guy to also take care of the lady behind me. Her total was like 25 bucks or something. He asked if I was sure I wanted to pay for her. I said of course!! And told the guy to please tell her I said Happy Thanksgiving. He thought it was pretty cool of me to do that. I look at it this way. Sometimes you just need to make that extra step to do something that you wouldn't normally do. I know it was only a meal at McDonald's...but it was one meal that she didn't have to pay for. Hopefully she could use that $25 somewhere else:-) It felt good to give something to someone that I didn't know and will never meet. If everyone did something like that every once in a while...they too would see how good it feels to be unselfish. We are all so selfish at times....take the time to take a step back and do something that helps someone that you don't even know!!

Happy Thanksgiving:-)

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