Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekly Overview (4/30-5/6/12)

Instead of blogging about a weekly "goals" list and menu...I am just going to do a weekly summary....which talks about how my week went...and a quick overview of how I plan the upcoming week to go. Seems like it will be easier to do it that way:-)

Last week was good. Joel and I are still trying to get back into a takes time. Things were so crazy for a few months...and we still have some things we are getting worked out since we moved into the new apartment. I am starting to feel at home here. It's a cute apartment and gives us more room than the one before did:-) It's also easy to clean! LOVE THAT PART!!!
Let's see...what else went on this past week???  We bought Joel a new truck (used) so that he can haul the dirt bikes around. Joel and the kids went riding this weekend...and I took Tman to Scarborough Fair. That's always lots of fun. It was hot so we didn't stay very long...but still had a great time:-)
I spent the day Sat shopping and having lunch with my friend Tracy. She was my neighbor in the old apartment and we have become good friends. I love hanging out with her. We checked out all of the little boutiques in downtown Mansfield and had a blast. The boutiques have some of the CUTEST stuff. I got a super cute pair of shoes and shirt! Can't wait to go back:-)
The house is all cleaned up and I am ready for a good week. Joel and I both agreed that we are ready to start working out more and eating better now that things have settled down a bit. I hope we stick with's so hard! I LOVE a routine....but can't seem to add "working out" into my I will get there. Thomas has been working out a lot this week...he wants to get buff for the summer:-)

This upcoming week:
Not a lot going on during the we should be able to stick to a good schedule this week of working out...eating healthy and getting plenty of rest. I plan on cooking at home ALL week....making lots of chicken...salads...veggies....and staying away from the fattening suppers. This weekend is Mother's Day. Britney and I plan on spending the day with Mama...then I will spend the evening with Thomas and Joel. I got my Mom a cute little gift and I can't wait to give it to her. I think she will love it. I saw it and automatically thought of her.

Workout: 3-4 times this week
Keep up with laundry
Get stuff for Brit's mothers day gift:-)
NO sodas...and only eat out once (healthy)
Get plenty of rest!!!!!
Work on scrap page of Silke
Get stuff for Iceland this weekend!!

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