Wednesday, May 16, 2012

3 Year Wedding Anniversary!

I can't believe it's been 3 years since Joel and I were married. Wow...time goes by too fast!
The past 3 years have brought many different events and emotions. Through it all we have grown and still forming into a loving family:-)
My Mom always told me that marriage wasn't easy, that is takes a lot more than love to hold a marriage together. Man is that the truth! Joel and I have been put to the test this past year. Many challenges were thrown our way...but we have managed to pull through them. The work that goes into a marriage is what makes a marriage strong. Love is only a building block to a strong marriage....and it's taken Joel and I a few trial and errors to figure that out.
I think as a girl...most of us want the "fantasy" marriage that we have always dreamed know...the one that's in the movies, books etc... Well, those don't "fully" exist. They do in part...but the rest of the marriage...(the work) is usually left of of the movies/ I do believe that marriage is what you make of it too. You have to be happy with what is. If you can't be...then move on girl!
Over the past few years, through the trial and error, hateful ex's, disagreements on how to raise the children, arguments about money, finding our path in life etc... we have learned so much. Without all of these things we would NOT be where we are today. Just within the last few months our marriage and outlook on life has changed so much. We are seeing the "pay off" to the hard work...and hanging in there!
I have loved Joel since the first time we hung out when we worked together at S&H Equipment back in probably 2002 or so... Things weren't meant to be for us at the point in our lives....but that didn't keep us apart. A few years later we reunited by chance....and here we are almost 10 years later! I love his children as if they are my own, and he does Thomas as well. We have all become so close over the years and I can't imagine my like without any of them. They make me complete in so many ways!
I look forward to many more years with Joel...and can't wait to see what our future holds!!

May 16, 2009 - The best day of my life!

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