Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Totally bummed:-(

I am currently living in an apartment with's small...but is fine for what we need now. I have been hoping to find a home for rent, in my price range, still in Thomas's school district....I knew it wouldn't be easy. I came across this super cute house that fit everything we needed PERFECTLY!
I went out to look at it and fell in love! There were 7 other applicants that also wanted it. After waiting almost a week I found out today that I was their 2nd choice...but their first choice hasn't returned the lease agreement yet. If the owners don't hear from them by Friday then the house is mine to rent!!!
I am totally bummed that I wasn't their first choice...and have no idea why they didn't pick me first...but would assume their #1 pick had 2 incomes...just a guess:-)
This is where I have to really trust that what is meant to be will matter how badly I want doesn't mean it was meant to be for me:-)
I REALLY REALLY hope their 1st pick doesn't come through....but if they do it wasn't meant to be for me and Tman...not in this home...and another one will pop up one day!!!
A few more days of waiting and I will know for sure:-)
I was so excited...I drew out the layout of the home and was already planning how I would decorate it! LOL...I know I am a total dork....and quite the artist huh??

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