Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Cooking

Today has been awesome!!! I have finally spent a day doing all of the things I love to do!!!

I have been cooking ALL day and haven't even managed to get our of my pj's:-) That's the life!!! I have made: chili (split in two big portions to freeze and use throughout the week for suppers), strawberry bars (for snacks and dessert), sausage balls (because they ROCK and I haven't had them in years), fried pickles ( because I love them but have never made them), breakfast burritos (to last for the whole week), pork butt (to have for supper tonight on rolls, with coleslaw and corn).

I have always wanted to spend my Sundays cooking for the week! I hope to start doing this every Sunday.

Thomas is off enjoying the day with his BFF Chey. They are at the park filming. That boy will be a famous actor one day:-) So glad he has a friend like her. She is amazing...and they share a friendship that will last a lifetime!!!

Lovin' Sundays!!!!

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