Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue Mint Thai & Asian Cuisine - Review ****

Groupon is an awesome way to try out new places. I might have never tried this place if I hadn't come across the groupon deal. Don't know what groupon is?? HELLO! Wake up people! Sign up for it now! It's free and it will send you Groupon deals for the area you live in.

I have had this one for a while and Joel and I decided to try it out tonight. Thomas is at Church with friends...and I didn't really feel like cooking. I am SOOOO glad we did. It was AWESOME!! Will go back FOR SURE! Joel had the Crazy Noodles and I had the Yellow Curry Chicken and they were both awesome:-) We started out with the Golden Pouch which is fried wontons filled with cream cheese and crab...yum! We also had chef salad which is served with a delicious peanut dressing. If you live in the Mansfield area and haven't tried this out you really's great...and affordable:-)

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