Monday, February 13, 2012

12 on 12 - Feb 12,2012

I love doing this once a month...sometimes I forget...but I enjoy it when I don't. It's fun to look back at these down the road. This was my day on Feb 12, 2012.

10am Woke up to this sweet dog Bella:-)

11am - Getting moving around slowly but surely! It's it's kind of a chill day:-) Must check in on the world of Facebook:-)

12 noon - Cleaning the kitchen...I went to bed early last night and didn't finish it...

1pm - Laundry...oh just a typical Sunday....lazy...but still getting this done:-)

2pm - Pinterest - my new addiction! OMG...LOVE this site!

3pm - Thomas hanging out with me...hanging off the end of my bed...being goofy!

4pm - Heading to Moms house for Thomas to pick up the dog pooh and take the dogs on a walk for his Nana since she is out of town:-)

5pm - Pooh pocked up....dogs walked and fed....time to head home:) This is Tutus of Mama's doggies! He has an eating disorder...I am NOT kidding. He will eat ANYTHING...and as much of it as is there!!!

6pm - Home just in time for the beans I put on earlier today to be house smells YUMMY! Love white beans and cornbread...

7pm - Chilling out for the night....painting my nails:-)

8pm - It's SNOWING!!! So pretty! Hoping it will still be here tomorrow morning...doubt it's been a very warm winter this year!

9pm - Calling it a night early....going to read a little then hit the sack. Looking forward to a great week!Oh...and yes, this is a nice sized knife on my night stand...I am not afraid to cut someone if I have to!!

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