Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekly Goal Results 9/19/11

Weekly Goals 9/19/11
It's going to be a good week. I can feel it! I hope the people take the offer we made on the house!!! FINGERS CROSSED:-)

1. Get up early! - Yes,,,felt good!
2. Workout at least 3 times this week - Nope...only once!
3. Eat well and take pills - Yes!
4. Make lunches every day for me and Joel - Yes!
5. Keep laundry up! - Almost!
6. Finish book - yes!!!!! Now I am reading Hunger Games
7. Work on project - it! Looking forward to our first date night:-)
8. Scrap page:-) - Not yet
9. Nails/toes - Not yet
10. Get paperwork together for mortgage company! - Yes! We are good to go!

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