Friday, September 16, 2011

Changes aren't always a bad thing:-)

Joel and I bought our first home a little over a year ago. It's our dream home...beautiful...has a pool...4 bedroom...big open floor plan...and we LOVE IT!
After living here over a year we have realized that we didn't estimate some things correctly and didn't anticipate some things happening at all...which in the long run has made us totally house poor.

We didn't estimate all of our bills correctly...and we didn't estimate the expense of maintaining a pool correctly either. We had no idea that Joel's X would decide to take him back to court for as much as she could possible get just a few months after we bought the home (how sweet of her). It's her right....just think the timing sucked...bad:-(

What is boils down to is that NO home is worth being house poor and the stress that comes with it. We LOVE this house...but would love even more not to have to be stressed about our finances every month...and be able to do more with our kiddos....and each that is where the "change" part comes in.

We have been talking about it for a month or so...and decided if we found another home that we like that will get us out of being house poor then we will move...if we don't then we will suck it up for a few more years until Thomas graduates...then move.

Every few days have been getting online and looking to see what houses are for sale. Last week I found a home that really interested Joel and I's still in the same school district "for thomas" and it's a little further out (has a country feel to it) and is on a little over an acre. It also has a HUGE 30x40 shop with running water and electricity which is probably where my husband will live:-) It has a wrap around porch...which I have wanted all my life!! and all and all just a very homey feel that is more "me and Joel' then the house we are in now will ever be....and it's more affordable. The only downfall is it's 3 bedrooms which means Haley and Brenden will have to share a room...but they are only with us 4 days a that shouldn't be too bad. There is also a possibility of adding another bedroom into the garage:-) Keep your fingers crossed for us!!!!

So....we went to look at it...fell in love...and are now in the process of going through the steps to try and buy it. We have been pre-approved....and will look at it one last time this weekend before putting our offer in. It's an older home and needs some we want to look over it closely before making an offer. Hopefully we will be able to come to an agreement with the sellers and make it happen!! Then all we have to do is sell this house...which I don't think will be hard. It's a beautiful house! Someone will fall in love with it just like we did:-)

Now that everything is in the works and this is really becoming a possibility I am getting sooooo excited! The more I think about it the more I know this house will be so much better for me and Joel...and the kiddos. It fits our personality better...the little things will make a big difference I have wanted a garden all of my life...but never really had the room...I WILL NOW!!! Joel has always wanted a big shop to work on cars/bikes...etc...HE WILL HAVE IT NOW....the kids need room to roam and be kids...THEY WILL HAVE IT NOW....and our dogs need to be able to run and be dogs...THEY WILL NOW!!! There isn't one part of me that thinks this isn't the right move. I pray that everything goes through smoothly and that we are able to start a new "less stressful" life in our new "country feel" home!


Denise said...

Kenzey- I read this and I can say that it broke my heart. I guess more or less because there are so many daily challenges that affect our life that we go un-noticed until something happens. I know that you live in your dream home but know that you are right and sometimes change is best. I love the wrapp around porch and the idea of having a place for hte hubby to tinker around....I wish the best for you and your family. Definitely keep me posted!! I'll keep ya'll in our prayers too =)

Kenzey said...

Thanks girl:-) I am really excited about the change:-) It will be a good move for us!!! I will make our new home my new dream home!!!!