Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Goal Results 7/4/11

1. Workout at LEAST 3 times! - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Portion control - YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. NO sodas...lots of water! - I had one soda on my "free" day...and that's it!!
4. Plenty of sleep! - YES!!!!
5. Scrap page - No...dang it:-(
6. Focus on positive only.....let the negative roll's not worth it! - Yes! Life is so much better without all of the drama and stress....
7. Take pictures of Thomas - YES! Love the way they turned out:-) He is so darn handsome
8. NO eating out! - Not at all!
9. Walk dogs every day even if it's a short one:-) - Yes...either walked them or let them outside to run around...and they played with they neighbor dogs one night and had a blast!!!
10. Read more! - Yes! Almost done with "The Surgeon"...great book!

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