Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekly Goal Results 7/11/11

Last week was great!!! I did so much better:-) I dropped a few pounds and I feel great:-) Now....I have to STAY ON TRACK and keep it up!

1. Workout 3 times this week - YES!!
3. NO SODAS (except one on "free" day) - YES!!
4. Stay active....park further away from places...use the something active at lunch....etc...Didn't really work on this one...will next week!
5. No eating out! - Not once!
6. Work on plan for "Me and Thomas weekend" - Yes, will finalize everything next weekend:-)
7. Scrap page Started one today!
8. Think positive! - YES!!
9. Read every night:-) - Yes, I finished the book "The Surgeon"
10. Vitamins daily- YES!

Overall it was a good week!

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