Friday, October 1, 2010

Some people are just sad.......

Today I was driving home, in traffic, as usual:-) I decided I would get off the highway and take the side roads home. I exited into more fun. Once I got to the point of getting could turn the lady beside me decided she wasn't going to yield. Why?? I mean, seriously, what is the problem??? We both slowly move forward neck to neck...neither of us are backing down. It was coming to the point that we are going to hit or one of us is going to stop. I HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY! SHE IS SUPPOSED TO BE YIELDING TO ME!

I stop and blow my horn. Then I said....screw this....I am going to tell her how I feel. I am so sick of asshole drivers that think they can just make their own rules. I pull up right beside her (we are at a stop in traffic at this point still) and I roll down my passenger side window. It's a lady in her mid to late forties driving the Tahoe. She looks over and rolls down her window. I asked her if she understood that she was supposed to be yielding for me to get over. She said "what part of me not letting you over do you not understand?". I said..."why? I mean it going to ruin your day if you let one car in front of you....that you are supposed to be yielding to in the first place?" She just looked at me like I was stupid. I said " You know what....I am sorry that you are a such a miserable go right on ahead in front of me." and I gestured my hand for her to go ahead. She looked at me and said. " I am sorry you are such a bitch." I told her that I wasn't a bitch...I wasn't yelling at her...I just wanted to know what made her day so bad that she felt like she needed to cut me off and keep me from getting over?? She looked at me like I was stupid again...didn't respond...rolled up her window and drove off. I wasn't mean...I didn't yell. But I am sick of people being idiots on the I decided to tell her that I am sorry she is such an unhappy person.

Maybe the next time she is in that situation she will think about what I said...and maybe she will realize that there was NO purpose in her acting the way she did. I think that people are so quick to be mean and ugly to people that they don't know because they will never see that person again....or because they don't know them. That is wrong. I have done it before too. I an not trying to act like I haven't done it before...but I am not doing it anymore. If I am driving down the road and someone wants over....I will let them over. If I am in the grocery line and I have a basket full of stuff and there is a person behind me with one item...I will let them jump in front of me. If I see someone at the store and they don't have quite enough money to buy everything they need...I will cover the rest of it for them.

I mean come on! Life is too don't only have to love and care for the people you have to love and care for everyone! Treat other people with respect. I have learned so much in life over the past few years...and my outlook on everything is changing. Pick your battles carefully people:-)

I am glad that I can say...I am a very happy person...and I have no need to treat other people poorly. I hope one day the woman that was so ugly to me today can say the same thing about herself:-)

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