Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly Goal Results 9/27/10

1. Work out at least 4 times this week - NOPE! UGH! No excuse either.....I won't give up on this goal though:-)

2. WATER..lots of it! - YES!! Not one soda at all this week:-)

3. Portion control - I did NOT do very well in this area this week:-( Went out to eat with my dad twice and CHOWED down!

4. Eat healthier snacks - I did ok...need to do better.

5. Keep up with laundry - I am getting better...I would think I have 25's unreal the amount of laundry I do!

6. Get plenty of sleep - Joel and I both have been going to be much earlier..a.nd boy does it make for a better day!!!!

7. Work on project with Thomas for his room - Nope...planning on working with all of the kids this weekend to fix up a few things in each of their rooms!

9. Scrap - No, but I did write down a list of pages I want to I am working in the right direction!

10. Don't let ignorant people effect your's really NOT worth it. Pray for them instead:-) - I have prayed for quite a few people this week....with hopes that they will find peace and have a warmer heart.

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