Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekly Goal Results week of 10/18/10

1. Exercise 4x/week!!!! - Nope...dang it! I did walk a few times though:-)

2. Lots of WATER and SLEEP! - Yes!! The extra sleep is really making a difference in how I feel throughout the day!

3. Organize Laundry room - YES!! and ALL of my laundry has been done:-)

4. Work on kids rooms - Nope..>Thomas was gone to camp and the other kids had friends over...we will work on them soon though!

5. NO eating out - We did once...not bad at all!

6. Eat healthy...portion control - Yes, I have been doing really well with my eating habits and portion control!

7. Be nice! - Yes, it's the only way to be...even to people that aren't nice to you! It will all pay off in the long run! There are some things you just can't change...so live with them the best you can:-)

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