Saturday, August 11, 2012

Things are starting to fall into place.....

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. There are many directions that our life can take....the consequences of those decisions will determine where we end up:-)

Over the years I have made many bad decisions....and good decisions. It's taken me some time to get better at making more good than bad. Why is it easier to make bad decisions...? Err.

The past few years of my life have been...let's say...CRAZY! The last year of my life has been the most up/down...all over the place..stressful...crazy year EVER! Things are finally starting to calm down...and I am starting to see things fall into place. Making better decisions...and less selfish decisions have played a big part in things calming down.

Joel and I are not living together...long story....but it works for us...for now:-) We both need to focus on our kids...and ourselves for a while. Things were getting crazy together...and we didn't want it to ruin our marriage so we decided to live separately and see what the future holds for us. I know most people think that's crazy...but like I works for us at this time.

Over the past year, we have broken up...gotten back together...moved back in together....split up again...moved again...etc... It's been a roller coaster. When we finally decided to live apart I moved back into a 2 bedroom apartment with Thomas and Joel got his own place in Arlington. I have been living in this apartment for a few months. It's a nice place...but the people that live here aren't the type of people I want to live around. There were gun shots right outside my window a few weeks ago....the people upstairs from me have no respect that they are living in an apartment...and are loud as all get out!!!! I have to walk Bella up and down stairs every time she wants to potty....and I feel like I have no privacy. I know I with it. Well, I am...and would make it work here as long as I have to so Thomas doesn't have to switch schools. But, I have been keeping my eye on rental homes in the school district. There aren't many at ALL in my price range that I would live in.

I ran across this home about a week ago. It looked ok from the pics...but I knew it would rent out very quickly because the rent was so low. I figured...what the heck, I will call and see if it's still available. It was. I was so excited to go see it. When I met Brad at the home...the first thing I noticed...was how cute it was:-) It's very small...and just cute. Brad was very  nice and very honest with me about the owners of the home. He said that the reason the house hadn't already rented is because they are being very picky about the tenants credit score...and they really don't want dogs since they just put in all new carpet throughout the home. I was glad he was honest with me...and was just as honest with him about my credit...and Bella. We walked through the house and I fell in love. It's a cute house that would be perfect for me and Thomas for the next few least until he graduates from High School. It's a 3 bedroom so I will be able to have an actual office and not have my desk in my bedroom! YAY! I will also be able to use the office as a nice place to study for school! There is a garage...and a great back yard with a deck that Bella is going to LOVE!!!!! I can't wait to relax on the back deck in the fall....and enjoy a good book...or study!! It's exactly the type of place I want at this time....until I can buy again. I have worked on getting my credit better and keeping it better...and the work paid off. They owners of the home accepted my application...and I got the home!!!!!!!!!!! I was so pumped when I got the text today!!! I hate to move AGAIN....but will be worth it. I am NOT an apartment girl...and I look forward to settling into a new place we can call home!....and I don't have to share it with 5 other families:-) It's all mine!!!

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