Wednesday, July 11, 2012

DAY 2 of cleanse

Today I had a baked potato with a dab of butter and black coffee for breakfast. It was surprisingly good! After that I was only allowed veggies the rest of the day....raw, cooked....just veggies. I had lots of raw veggies cut up for me to snack on throughout the day. Then I had cooked veggies with some seasoning for lunch. It got really hard for me when dinner came around. I took a few bites of Tmans supper...but other than that I stuck to it. I might not be doing it perfectly...but I can promise you my calorie intake the last few days has been well below half of what I normally would that's good!!!

By the end of the day I am really hungry and tired.

Weighed myself....and I am down 2 more pounds!!!! I am headed in the right direction! Once I get through this cleanse and start working out...I am not going to focus on my weight so much. I am going to start focusing on my size...and measuring myself. I know that muscle weighs more than fat and I don't want to freak out if I gain weight when working out...cause I should!

Day 3 is all the fruit and veggies I want! I CAN DO THIS:-)

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