Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"MY" idea of a perfect day

These are the days that I want to have. I know that things change and other elements will be thrown in...but for the most part this is how I want me week days to go!

Get up early - go for a jog
Go to Yoga in the evening

Have a healthy breakfast...get ready for work....get a cup of coffee to get my brain working

Focus on work...and get as much done as possible....then stop for a lunch break

Enjoy a healthy lunch - get up and walk around...

Finish the work day while snacking healthy throughout the day

Home - help Tman with school work while I cook supper

Get some chores done around the house - laundry...clean up kitchen...etc...

Walk dogs with Joel

Me time

Bath - Book - hot tea - bed!

To me...this is a perfect day. I work for this day really hard...sometimes I get everything done...and sometimes I don't. That is ok...but I will work harder to make "This day" more of the norm:-)

LIFE IS GOOD...Make the best of it!

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