Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

Thomas is now 15 years old. He LOVES Halloween...but is a little old to trick-or-treat. I am so glad that he worked the haunted house this year. What an awesome way to spend his Halloween. When kids get to this age things get weird. They are too old to trick-or-treat...they don't want to hang out at home with Mom and Dad...but they are still too young to roam the streets with this worked out great. This was Thomas's first year to work it and I can bet he will do it again next year. The haunted house is volunteers only. None of the actors get paid. All of the money that the haunted house makes goes to charity!

This is what Thomas looked like after he got home late that evening...and he was of course. I hooked him up:-) Love this kid to death! Happy Halloween!!!

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kandice said...

That is awesome. You are doing a great job with him! Such a cool handsome guy!