Friday, March 8, 2013

Time for a change....again:-)

I have slipped back into my old habits once again:-( I must pick my feet up and keep on trucking!! I can't let it get me down....we all fall and must get back up again more than once in life right?

I am going to attempt to start making changes next week! I think Spring Break is a perfect time to get going:-) The weather is getting I can get out in the yard and do something things....clean out closets....put up winter clothes....etc:-)

Sat evening after school I am going to sit down and plan a week of healthy breakfast/lunch/suppers and go shopping.....then prepare what I can for the week. Since I have been in school Thomas and I have been eating out WAY too much. I enjoy sitting down and having supper with my family every night. It's very important to me....and just because I am busy with school doesn't mean I can't still make it happen...and have something healthy:-)

I must start working out again! I do good for a while...then I don't work out at all....UGH! I have to find the determination to keep going...every week...and just make it part of my regular matter how busy I am...I have 30 minutes a day to work out....I mean come on now....really?? I am good at making excuses though!!

Those are the main things that I want to start focusing on next week......Will post more about it as I do it!!! MOTIVATION is needed....where can I find it? lol

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