Monday, October 29, 2012

Grand Cayman 2012 "Girls Weekend Getaway"

What a nice break from the "norm".

Me and my friends Stacey and Amanda had a great weekend getaway this past weekend! Amanda has a friend that lives (Scott) in Grand Cayman and he was kind enough to open his home to us and take the time to show us around.

We started are trip off at a place called Sunset. It was a restaurant/bar that sat on the beach. It was beautiful and the food was delicious! We shared the bacon wrapped sprimp...YUM! and I had Chicken Tikka Masala for supper. Who knew you could get good Indian food in the Cayman Islands? Well, I was soon going to find out that ALL the food on the island is WONDERFUL!!! Oh, and I tried conch fritters....YUM! They were much better than I thought they would be:-)

Day two we started out with a yummy breakfast called doubles...I didn't get a picture...but here is one I found online. They are kind of like burritos...but are filled with chickpeas and some seasoning....they were YUMMY!!! They are a dish from Trinidad.
Then we went to Sting Ray City. OMG...what an amazing experience. These are wild animals up close and personal. Yes, they are dangerous....but we treated them with respect and they gave us the same in return:-) I will never forget this experience. As you can tell from the pics...I was a little freaked out...ok... A LOT freaked out. But is was also amazing! These things are HUGE and very intimidating. They are like cats...they like to rub all up on you. Whew! I was glad when it was over....but SO glad I did it!

We finished the evening by hopping around to a few different restaraunts/bars. I had fish and chips for supper...YUM! We also hung out at a cool place called Royal Palms that was right on the beach. We had fun playing around in the water at night...and watching the lightning storm off in the distance.

Day 3 we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather again and we went out to Dolphin Cove for another once in a lifetime experience. We got to swim with the dolphins! They are so amazingly smart, cute, funny and absolutely adorable! We all had a blast. I could do this 1,000 and it would NEVER get old!!!!

After the dolphins Scott took us out to Rum Point which is a small beach on the other side of the island. It was very peaceful and very pretty!!! We enjoyed a few hours of relaxation there before heading back to the house.

That night we were pretty worn out so we decided to order pizza in for the night just chill. It was nice to relax without a care in the world!!

Day 4 we spend the day shopping and exploring the downtown (touristy) area. We had lunch at Margaritaville before packing our stuff up for the trip home.

It was a quick trip, but we enjoyed every second it! It was a great getaway! We are able to meet some really cool people from many different places. We met someone from Canada, Trinidad, England etc... The island lifestyle attracts people from all over the place.

I could not live on the island myself. It's beautiful but too small for me. Everyone knows everyone...and I think I would feel trapped! Visiting for a few days was perfect for me:-) I was surprised to see that the locals weren't as welcoming in Grand Cayman as I have experienced in other Carribean islands. Of course, Scott (our local) was awesome! He took us around to show us everything....he was a great host and made out trip exciting!

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