Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lucky's Lady by: Tami Hoag

This is what I am reading:

Lucky's Lady
So far so good!!!

When Serena Sheridan, returns to her ancestral home for a break from her psychiatric practice in Charleston, South Carolina, she is faced with an unforseen problem. Her grandfather has left his home and moved into the Louisiana bayou, where he keeps a shack for fishing and hunting.
He seems to be unable to handle the financial problems surrounding his home and business and the prospect of selling it to a large chemical company who wishes to build a plant on the property. Of course her sister, wishes for him to sell, so that she can get the money to help advance her husband's political dreams.
Serena must venture into the bayou and the only person who can get her there is a shady character named Lucky Doucet. Lucky has a bad reputation and no one seems to know much about him, except that he lives in the Bayou and is feared by the locals.

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