Monday, April 11, 2011

What teens will do to get what they want:-) LOL to make a long story kind of short. Thomas had plans a few weekends ago to work the Janet Jackson concert with his friend Forest. He was REALLY excited about it. It would be the first time he actually worked a job and got paid for it. A few days before the concert Thomas decided to act like a bunghole and I told him that he would NOT be working the concert that weekend and that he would just have to tell his friend he was grounded. Thomas was really upset and mad that he got in trouble.
The next night Joel and I left to take Singer to puppy kindergarten. We were gone for about an hour and on our way home I called Thomas to see if he wanted me to pick him up something to eat. He said no...he was fine....and asked that we didn't get anything for ourselves either. I told Joel and we were both like...hmmm...wonder what he has done. Well,,,,this is what we came home to.

When we pulled up there were signs on the garage that said "broken..use front door"
We giggled:-)

Then we walked up to the front door and there was a sign that read:

Dear valued quest,

I welcome you to "Le Fluer ze Moore!" An origina; vegetarian eatery from Tennessee itself. Please make your way to the dining area, where your romantic "vegetarian" meal awaits you.

We accept tips (i.e. :Saturday")

Love from the heart,


So...we walked in....the house was dark...candles were burning...and there was slow country music playing softly. It seriously brought tears to my eyes:-) We walked into the dining room and Thomas had made both of us salads and a platter of fruit.

It really was pretty cute I must say. We sat down with him and talked to him about what we expect out of him at this age. I ended up letting him work the concert....(yeah I gave in).....

It's things like this in life that I will NEVER forget:-) Even on the days when Thomas isn't my favorite person in the world...and doesn't listen...and gets in trouble at school...etc... Moments like this make it all better:-) Oh how I love that boy!!!

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