Monday, April 25, 2011

My niece Silke:-)

Oh how I LOVE being an Aunt. It almost makes me want to have a baby. I said ALMOST...but not quite:-) Silke is growing so fast!!! The other night we had family dinner at Evy's house. Silke was a little could tell she was tired...and she is she didn't feel good. I held her...and rocked her to sleep. It was the sweetest thing you have ever seen. She loves her aunt Kenzey!! She was out like a light after I got a hold of her:-)

It reminds me so much of Thomas being a baby. Gosh, it seems like yesterday....but it was almost 15 years ago that I had does the time go?

I really enjoy spending time with miss Silke and getting to know her. I can't wait to have sleepovers and take her shopping etc... what fun!!!

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