Monday, September 22, 2014

healthy = hard and unhealthy = easy

Why does it have to be this way? Why can't it be easy to stay healthy and hard to be unhealthy?? Ugh!

Finding healthy (tasty) recipes has been challenging, but little by little I am building a new set of "go-to" recipes that are delicious! Did I mention I haven't had butter in over 2 weeks? OMG! Everything is better with butter though.... Oh, goes on:-)

I have completely replaced beef with turkey....and so far so good. Spaghetti is just as good with turkey....tacos are too. I changed the tacos a bit because of all the cheese and sour cream that we would normally put on them. I found this recipe and Joel and I both love them! You won't even miss the sour cream and cheese....ok, maybe you will a little, but these are great tacos!

Here is the recipe:

I think the hardest part so far is staying on track. I will do great for a few days.....then I get lazy and don't stay prepared with the food needed to cook a healthy meal. I need to work on that!

Joel went to the doc the other day and we are waiting on results to confirm that pancreatitis is really what he has. There are a number of other things it could be.....we won't know until all the results come back. He has been feeling a lot better since we have been eating better though...amazing how that works, huh? lol

My neck is doing great! It's been a few weeks since my flare up and I am ready to start working out. Doc said I need to take it running....or yoga, but I can walk and lift light weights. I plan on starting to walk at my school after class....and to do some light weight training at home.

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