Friday, June 27, 2014

I've Been Doing It All Wrong!!!

This might be natural to some of you.....but not me:-)

Joel and I bought a new home:-) We are moving next week and so excited to have a home of our own to start building great memories in!!

While packing I decided I was going to use EVERYTHING in the kitchen so I don't have to move a bunch of refrigerated foods etc... We are having some strange dinners, but it's working on the fridge and pantry are almost empty...YAY! During this process I realized I have been writing my grocery list ALL WRONG.

In the past I have written a grocery list every week by writing out what we will have for dinner and then putting a list with it. Moving forward I am going to do it differently. My first list is going to be things I already have in the kitchen....THEN I will build my weekly menu off of things we already have. This way I didn't end of with tons of extra stuff that I don't use:-)

I know this might be very simple to most of you....and you probably already write your lists this way, but I am just figuring it out and and super excited to run a more efficient kitchen!

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