Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oh my aching back......

Well, my back is still feeling great since the surgery about 4 years ago, but my hip is now starting to bother me:-( I went to the doc the other day and we are going to start over with a new bone density scan and go from there. She seems concerned that I have osteoporosis at such a young age and is determined to figure out what's going on!

Once again, it's an eye opener that I need to work on my health. Ugh.....a battle I seem to face often! I have put on about 30 pounds since my surgery and have NO reason other than my own laziness. I make excuses each week as to why I don't have time to work am too tired....I deserve a break...etc.... My sister said something to me today that made a lot of sense. I need to put my health 1st on my priority list....and all of my other "to-do's" will still get done. That's so true.

Starting today, I am going to make an effort to get back on track.

Blogging helps me with my reliability. I can look back and see how I have done, etc...

I hope that the doctor comes back with good news....and that nothing is terribly wrong with me. I would hate for it to be too late:-(

I will get back into blogging and post my progress:-)

Wish me luck!

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